Happy Hour Links

Hi Beautiful People!

Here is your Happy Hour this week! My first event in Liberia!

This Tuesday, March 13th, I’m hosting a game night at one of my favorite Liberian spots, Jande’s Pub on Center St. The owner makes a fabulous roasted chicken and I want to dust off my Taboo. Since Wednesday is a holiday, you don’t have any reasons not to hang out!

I just think since we’re in Liberia, Liberian businesses should thrive! Don’t you? Spread the word. And my team always wins in Taboo!

Our Nobel Laureate has all the great stories. Read about Leymah Gbowee here.

Last, Aisha has requested I publish this music video. The song is pretty popular and has been for a few years now. Feel free to JAM:

If you want to dance like the kids in Accra, check out this Azonto Dance tutorial:

Too much fun! Happy Friday!

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  • Emmalee Iden

    That song was EVERYWHERE two years ago when I was in Liberia. Thanks for sharing, it takes me back.