Marazetti Fashion Show Recap

This Saturday I attended the SUPER MAJOR fashion show, hosted by Fanta of Marazetti and I was blown away. Between the three designers, Afropolitain, Marazetti, and Chris Collins, I saw three amazing and feminine collections around the pool at the Golden Gate Hotel. With an open wine bar sponsored by Coca-Cola, the fashion show was held in complete contemporary Liberian-style. Below are my top 5 favorite looks from the night. Check out Liberty Lifestyle for Chiquita’s full photo gallery.

I love a simple cocktail dress made out of fanti, because the colors are already so bold and it’s not a halloween costume. This style gave the model great curves.

If I had a job, this is what I would wear to work. Harem pants made of bright pink and yellow cloth! And since I live in Liberia, I could SOO do it without being “that weird African girl in the office.” They would say “who your tailor?”

A little blurry but I was getting all the side boob action from this dress. She even walked the runway twice! I just love this cloth and cut, even though I couldn’t wear it myself. My ‘girls’ need a bra!

I’m a jumper chick because I’m too lazy to find two pieces that match. I’ve tried this jumper on several times at Afropolitain but haven’t bought it because I never looked like the model…

May get one for Alahna though. It’s just so cute!

Last, cloth with this color combination is common on the streets in Liberia, but I like that they decided to use it to create an exaggerated shoulder! Fanti can be so stiff, especially when it’s the really high quality wax print, so why not work the structure?

On the personal side: This is me and the only other Liberian blogger of Liberia. She also took the pictures. Check out her blog! We shot a video together a few months back where we pretty much just enjoyed Liberia. Look for it in March.

This is me, Latifa, and Stephanie enjoying the front row of the show (not really that exclusive, we just got there on time) in our Liberian dresses. Latifa has on a great tie dye, hand dyed by the same woman who dyed my jumper. At some point I’d love to use her tie dye in my shop, but it’s so much more expensive!  Maybe for custom orders.

I know I wasn’t too glitzy for the occasion. I had just left Waterside looking for cloth for the new orders, and you sure can’t do that in full makeup and heels! I was wearing the Alahna Dress, which I CANNOT get enough of! I think I’m addicted to ruffles. At least in the spring. Have you shopped yet? If I sell one dress a day, I make about the same thing I was making at my old job. And then I can still give some proceeds to Liberia Orphan Education Project. God is so GOOD!


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